Decalcification Systems

Offering Excellent Sectioning & Staining

A comprehensive range of Routine and Special Fixatives and Decalcifiers, offering a ISO15189 validated solution for any application.

Manufactured, tested, packed and distributed from our ISO9001:2008 Manchester (UK) facility, we have complete control and traceability over our products from raw material to delivery, delivering a simpler ISO15189 compliance for our customers, supported by a in-house team of Histologists and application specialist.

If the solution you need is not listed, contact us on 0161 366 5123 and we will make it for you. Below is a breakdown of what we offer:

Decal I (Fixation +) Decal I  will simultaneously decalcify whilst continuing fixation to offset possible inadequate primary fixation.

Decal II ( Rapid) -Decal II is a rapid acid based decalcification solution that ius ideal for larger bone specimens or specimens requiring rapid diagnosis.

Decal III ( IHC+) – Our Blend of EDTA/Hydrochloric offers a more gentle decalcification process than the Decal II.

Decal V (Gentle) – Our formalin/EDTA Decalcifier ( Hilleman & Lee 1953) is excellent for trephines. It offers a wel controlled gentler decalfication process delivering excellent H & E Staining whilst also ideal for Immunocytochemistry.

Decal VI (RNA + ) – A mono Sodium Citrate/formic acid blend ( also known as Morse’s solution0 ideal for decalcifying small biopsies (0.2-0.5cm) of bone and teeth.


Find out more of our producst range on:


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